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Chocolate Events and Entertainment is an Ottawa based company serving Ottawa/ Gatineau and surrounded area since 2007. We specialize in event planning, event management and event production from start to finish. Each event we create is treated as a unique experience.

Our mission is to evoke emotion and excitement that leaves a lasting impression for lifetime. We ensure that each event brings fruition to the lifelong dreams of a family on their special day.

Our goal is to provide the best in professional entertainment for any event. We want to ensure the smooth transitions between items so you and your guests will enjoy every minute of your special event.

Our professional team consists of experienced event designers, event entertainers and show producers. Our LED lighting designers understand how to create an ambiance to visually stimulate the senses and set a mood that reflects your event.

Every event must maintain the highest level of class and elegance. Whether big or small, our design team can develop & produce your dynamic event from conception to creation; our turn-key solution will ensure perfection. Our business philosophy is based on confidence, integrity, flexibility and attention to personal service. Nothing is too big or too small for us to be involved in, and we apply the same professional rules to all our events regardless of size. Events can be tailored to the individual needs of the most discerning client.

If your objective is to thoroughly enjoy your special day, leave the planning, structuring and production in our hands. Chocolate Events and Entertainment has several concepts for themes, decorations, entertainment and various ideas for activities of all kinds.

Let us help make your next event a dream come true.